What we do

At Kinta8 Consulting, we work with suppliers to develop customer engagement strategies to suit their business model & ambitions - focusing on developing and maintaining critical relationships with key retailers across their target markets. To help drive new business wins in an era of intense competition, Kinta 8 is at the forefront of helping suppliers understand and adopt more progressive processes and practices. We have worked closely with major retailers across the world so we know what they want and what is required.

Who we are

Kinta 8 is a European based consultancy with a global footprint, devoted to helping retail suppliers grow their business. For over 10 years, our team has worked with suppliers across the world - to help them optimise their business processes, build key customer relationships and transform their sales & retention strategies.

A Happy Buyer, A Happy Supplier

How we work

Our methodology focuses on the implementation of 8 key processes that will transform your business through effective ways of working and building key customer relationships. Each program is tailored to your business and we will help your team successfully implement each process step, from initial review through to pitch preparation and beyond, working with you as you develop and maintain your customer relationships.

Our process


Conduct a thorough assessment of current processes and establish your most important goals for success.


Prepare a list of proposals to streamline and focus sales strategies, using our Kinta8 methodology.


Develop an enhanced pitching strategy and coach your team to engage customers and win their business

We don't just help you grow your business..

..we help you stand out from the crowd

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